Impact Global Education donates $9,721.23 to offset carbon footprint from gap year flights

CAMBRIDGE, MA, September 20 - In honor of Global Climate Action Day and the related Global Climate Strikes, Impact Global Education (IGE) is donating $9,721.23 to Climate Action Reserve. The Reserve’s mission is “to develop, promote and support innovative, credible market-based climate change solutions that benefit economies, ecosystems and society.” IGE fully supports this initiative, and the money donated will offset the carbon emissions of all student flights for the upcoming gap year programs.

Impact Global Education is known for its popular gap year programs, Winterline Global Education and Thinking Beyond Borders. Each brand offers a global gap year, sending students to numerous countries around the world.

While students get to grow, learn and volunteer abroad with these programs, the benefits come along with a cost to the planet. In order to continue providing students with lifechanging travel experiences, flying is necessary. However, IGE acknowledges the carbon emissions that result from air travel.

As IGE helps young people find their talents, voices, and passions in the world, the company is inspired by the activism of Greta Thunberg. The goal of both Winterline and Thinking Beyond Borders is to aid students in becoming strong global citizens who are aware of the world around them, and this initiative is another step in ensuring success.

Impact Global Education is the parent company to Winterline Global Education and Thinking Beyond Borders, two established global gap programs offering high school graduates and young adults the opportunity to visit multiple countries on several continents. Each program teaches that leadership, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and communication are skills required of all young people today who are going to be successful in this ever more globalized world. Winterline’s focus is skills-based experiential learning, and Thinking Beyond Borders is a leader in social impact programs. Both are accredited by the Gap Year Association. For more information, visit or

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