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Impact Global Education develops and delivers socially and environmentally-conscious educational travel experiences around the world.


Established in 2018, IGE serves 1,000+ individuals per year and leads programs to over 20 locations around the globe. The organization is made up of established global travel and education brands with more than 40 years of experience among them. IGE seeks to meet learners where they are, offering a diverse array of programs that are hands-on, authentic, and designed to meet the needs of students everywhere.


IGE claims footholds in the university, gap, and corporate/adult markets.


We take individuals out into the world, delivering unique education and travel opportunities, and are ideally positioned to continue expanding on the experiences we offer students.


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ThinkImpact has partnered with community entrepreneurs across the globe since 2007. Using an asset-based approach, TI works with communities to leverage local resources and to open new avenues to economic development and long-term growth.

Since 2015, Winterline Global Education has offered skills-based gap programs for young adults. Students learn real-world skills to prepare them for college, life, and career while traveling the world and exploring their passions.

For the past 24 years, Cross-Cultural Solutions has offered ethical, long-term community-based engagement experiences around the globe. CCS programming focuses on child education, child health, and refugee support and delivers trackable community results.

For over a decade, Thinking Beyond Borders has prepared students for a life of critical questioning and informed social action. Students build deep connections through extended homestays and experience firsthand the important social justice work around the world.

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